The first agency interview is with a digital agency from Turku, Southern Finland. Aucor is a boutique WordPress agency working mostly for Finnish customers mainly based in the Helsinki area. The CEO of Aucor, Janne Jääskeläinen, promised I could reveal some statistics on the agency’s financials and also about their internal workflow. We also discussed the rise of WordPress from a simple blog system that now even challenges Drupal.

At present, Aucor employs seven people and last year clocked revenues of slightly less than €500,000. The core of Aucor’s operation continues to be quality and the creation of customised websites, which is why the classification of Aucor as a grown-up boutique digital agency seems the most appropriate. In many ways Aucor is between a small boutique agency and a more established digital agency—not quite the choice for bigger brands yet, but often too expensive for small projects. A challenging position, indeed.

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