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Behind the scenes of WordPress agencies in northern Europe

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London’s WordPress specialists: Wholegrain Digital

My latest trip to London included a meeting with the owners of Wholegrain Digital, Tom and Vineeta.

We had a pretty long chat back in September about Wholegrain and UK market for WordPress. This article is an edited and condensed version of our conversation then. Some of the details have been updated in February 2015.

Wholegrain Digital is a team of true WordPress specialists that has been doing WordPress projects for years. As an agency they are somewhat technically focused, but don’t do any custom software development for clients. Their yearly revenue number is around £320,000 (€400,000) and their typical projects range from £5,000 to £20,000 (from €6,300 to €27,500).

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CEO of Aucor reveals the financial numbers of a small digital agency

The first agency interview is with a digital agency from Turku, Southern Finland. Aucor is a boutique WordPress agency working mostly for Finnish customers mainly based in the Helsinki area. The CEO of Aucor, Janne Jääskeläinen, promised I could reveal some statistics on the agency’s financials and also about their internal workflow. We also discussed the rise of WordPress from a simple blog system that now even challenges Drupal.

At present, Aucor employs seven people and last year clocked revenues of slightly less than €500,000. The core of Aucor’s operation continues to be quality and the creation of customised websites, which is why the classification of Aucor as a grown-up boutique digital agency seems the most appropriate. In many ways Aucor is between a small boutique agency and a more established digital agency—not quite the choice for bigger brands yet, but often too expensive for small projects. A challenging position, indeed.

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