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Behind the scenes of WordPress agencies in northern Europe

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European agencies need to show their passion

Interview with Simon Dickson

My previous blog post from WordCamp Europe made Simon Dickson from Automattic to contact me. Simon is on the VIP team, leading business development in Europe, and he also would like to see more European agencies capable of doing larger-scale WordPress projects.

We talked with Simon quite a bit during the second day of WordCamp Europe. Simon has a good view of the WordPress agency market in the US and Europe, and he shared good insights about what makes a successful WordPress agency. Continue Reading

Notes about the agency market in Europe

This project has been running for a year now. Not many interviews have been published even though lot of email has been written and interview sessions have been done. Few interviews are still waiting to get published, but to summarize: There isin’t that many bigger agencies for WordPress in Northern Europe – nor anywhere else in Europe for that matter.

Im writing this from Seville, Spain, where WordCamp Europe is being held. The big mass of participants seems to still come from small agencies that work with fairly small clients. Another big part of the community are those small agencies that build add-ons, themes and other services for those ‘man and dog’ -style of agencies. Continue Reading