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Behind the scenes of WordPress agencies in northern Europe

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Notes about the agency market in Europe

This project has been running for a year now. Not many interviews have been published even though lot of email has been written and interview sessions have been done. Few interviews are still waiting to get published, but to summarize: There isin’t that many bigger agencies for WordPress in Northern Europe – nor anywhere else in Europe for that matter.

Im writing this from Seville, Spain, where WordCamp Europe is being held. The big mass of participants seems to still come from small agencies that work with fairly small clients. Another big part of the community are those small agencies that build add-ons, themes and other services for those ‘man and dog’ -style of agencies. Continue Reading

Tour of the North begins

WP Agencies is now alive and kicking. The goal is to interview and list the most active and interesting WordPress agencies in northern Europe. Timeline? One year? Two years? We’ll see. But already during the remainder of 2014 I will be visiting Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and London, and I will interview interesting agencies from those […]

Criteria for being a safe choice for larger WordPress projects

This article outlines the criteria that I use in this blog to evaluate whether an agency can be listed as a “safe choice” for even bigger companies for building a large-scale website with WordPress.

The criteria are mainly based on dozens of discussions with my client companies that have evaluated different kinds of partners with our help (I’m referring to my company North Patrol). For example, revenues of one million euro seem to be a pretty typical limit for many larger companies (say companies that employ over 1,000 people). Big companies just don’t want to work with small companies that have small revenues and employ only a handful of people. In many cases this kind of thinking doesn’t make any sense, but I also often understand the reasoning of the people working for these companies.

Continue Reading