Hi, my name is Perttu Tolvanen and I am most often titled a CMS expert. I’m a founding partner of the consulting company North Patrol.

In short: I’m a consultant who helps large organisations build great web services and stay on budget. I advise my clients in CMS selection and choosing the best partner to implement the CMS and the web service. I’m also an active blogger (for example, I run the most popular web design blog in Finland, Vierityspalkki.fi).

This blog was born in August 2014 with the objective of letting you know what kind of WordPress agencies there are in northern Europe.

The #1 purpose of this blog is to give more visibility to those agencies in northern Europe that are truly focusing on WordPress. That is what this Tour of the North is about. I want to find more good partner choices for my clients and for everyone searching for good web design partners in northern Europe.

In the long term, I hope that this blog could become an important directory for customers to find good partners for their projects—but for now, this is only an interesting tour behind the scenes of interesting WordPress agencies. I hope you, too, enjoy the tour!

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[Update 2015 September: I’m no longer updating this blog. Please follow Buyer’s Guide to Web Projects.]

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