WP Agencies is now alive and kicking. The goal is to interview and list the most active and interesting WordPress agencies in northern Europe. Timeline? One year? Two years? We’ll see. But already during the remainder of 2014 I will be visiting Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and London, and I will interview interesting agencies from those cities.

The reason for this site is that I think WordPress is becoming the de facto CMS for smaller and midsize websites in the world. But the road looks quite bumpy. The availability and competencies of digital agencies using WordPress seem to be somewhat limited. Many people are building sites with WordPress, but where are the true specialists? Where are the larger agencies that could also handle bigger projects? Where are the most technically skilled WordPress agencies? Who are the best designers for high-profile WordPress sites? These are the questions I’m looking to answer.

The primary purpose of this blog is to give more visibility to those agencies in northern Europe that are truly focusing on WordPress. That is what this Tour of the North is about. I want to find more good partner choices for my clients—and for all the people searching for good web development partners in northern Europe.

PS. If you want to know more about who is behind this blog, read the About page.

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